The queen of pentacles

It seems a little too perfect that I pulled the queen of pentacles for my first daily draw. It’s always been a card I liked – how could I not? The embodiment of everything my Taurus heart desires: the queen sits on her carved wooden throne, straight-backed but graceful, surrounded by a garden lush with roses. In the foreground a hare dashes across the corner; in the background, blue mountains rise above rolling fields crossed by blooming hedges. The sky is the soft yellow of a long summer evening. The queen holds the sole pentacle like a child on her lap. Her expression is serious without being severe. Her veil is a Marian blue but she is a queen on earth, not in heaven.

The queen of pentacles is associated with earth, of course: the body, material possessions and wealth, the ability to marshal resources and manifest desires. She represents opulence, self-confidence, security, inner strength and resources, and the ability to nurture growth in the everyday world. She is matter-of-fact. She is generosity, and she is abundance multiplied in return.

On this particular new moon, I’m working to manifest abundance and creativity in my life. Having the queen of pentacles appear for my first daily draw as I work to build practice into my day-to-day life is a welcome and a sign that I am on the right track.

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