The queen of swords reversed

Another queen. My first swords card. A stern queen: serious face in profile, grey robes backed by grey clouds. At the top of a mountain, perhaps, with wind-stunted trees in the background and a single bird flying in the light blue sky. She holds her sword almost perfectly balanced upright, but it leans slightly forward in the same direction as her raised, open left hand.

Reversed: A wicked, ill-natured, spiteful woman; malignant, malicious, vengeful; cheating, knavery, deceit, trickery, artifice, ruse; bigotry, prudery, hypocrisy, intolerance, fanaticism; narrow-minded; solitude. (From Greer’s Complete Book of Tarot Reversals.)

Cruelty from disappointment and self-deception: I must guard against you. Poor-tempered behavior from thwarted ambitions: I must put you aside. On this Scorpio full moon night, I am drawn to look at my worst impulses, and what they cost me.

Last time I drew a more hopeful queen, and I said I was getting the message. But I set my practice aside while traveling for a week through harsh and lovely mountains. It was a good experience, but I’ve been back for days and I’m still trying to return to the swing of things. I suppose this could be a little warning about where I’ll drift if I keep feeling so unmoored. If my ambitions are thwarted, I need to set a new direction.

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